Our Story

 Welcome to THE BACK FORTY. A place that is built upon the traditions made by those that came before us, and where these same traditions are continuing to live on today. Whether it be catching bull reds on the fly in the South Carolina low-country, waiting patiently on horse back for that German Short Haired Pointer to flush a covey of quail in South West Georgia, or sending that Labrador Retriever to fetch a wounded greenhead in the Louisiana Timber, traditions such as these can be found in the “Back Forty”. We strive to uphold these traditions and a standard developed over the years through quality, respect, and integrity. We want to strive to do our part to help maintain these traditions that started in the south by bringing you an American Made product based on the standard upheld in “The Back Forty”.


I will never forget, at the age of seven, I began hunting with my family in the “Back Forty”, on our family farm, in South Georgia. On one particular cold and foggy morning in late November, I distinctly remember making the trek back to our secret little honey hole; a duckweed covered cypress pond with natural vegetation. A small spot that seemed irresistible for mallards, wood ducks, and an occasional northern shoveler to cup up and let their landing gear out. We were aiming to brush up on our wing shooting skills and our honey hole provided the perfect spot. Hours later and fists’ full of birds to show for it, a passion, or obsession as some would say, for wing shooting began in a young South Georgia boy. The rest has all been history.


I knew from then on all I wanted to do was to be outdoors in the beauty of The Lord’s creation. I spent all of my childhood gaining knowledge anywhere I could about agriculture and outdoor sporting; whether it be from my grandfather jigging a line in the deep roots throughout the Alapaha River, helping my uncle scout cotton in late summer, or taking a trip to the mountains in hopes to catch some rainbows or browns on a dry fly.


I also grew up with a passion for fine clothing and always wanted to look my best, as that was the way I was raised. I also had a passionate drive to attend the University of Georgia to study Agriculture and that dream became a reality in the spring of 2012. I graduated with a degree in Agribusiness, was an active member of Greek life, and loyally served four years on the University of Georgia Chapter of Ducks Unlimited. Soon before graduation in The Classic City, I realized that The Lord had a greater calling for me as these passions began to collide, forming Back Forty Southern Apparel. I wanted to return back to my roots in South Georgia and if I am not working on Back Forty Southern Apparel you can be sure to find me in that same small honey hole where it all began.