Back Forty Southern Apparel


The "Back Forty" is a southern phrase that refers to the fields on the back side of farms and plantations all across the south. Fields from plantation to plantation were once white with cotton. With the depletion of plantations and textile mills, these cotton fields still remain on today's farms. Some may be overgrown with native underbrush, where migratory birds and large game alike now call home. This makes it a great location for all types of outdoor activities. Others may still be in cultivation today. Cotton is the largest Agricultural Commodity grown in the south where styles, cultures, and traditions have remained strong. We want to help play a role in keeping the strong unwritten laws of the south. In doing that we aim to bring you a product that is Made in the USA, among the standards of comfort and quality, whether it be supporting your favorite SEC team at renown tailgates, or drinking sweet tea from a mason jar.

- Mission Statement: 

Back Forty Southern Apparel is a southern based company that strives to yield comfort and quality with southern style, culture, and tradition. We want to meet our customers' needs while providing southern comfort and quality in all of our apparel.

- Vision Statement:

Southern Born. Southern Worn.